A Rejuvenating Day

Being a mother of two toddlers can be exhausting at times! Not that I would trade it for anything, it’s a precious season in life I treasure dearly.  But in order to keep a good attitude I welcome little breaks from the routine like “Vårgårda Scrapmara” hosted by Scraptrion.  A full day of crafting and time with good friends is a great way to rejuvenate a weary soul.

Here’s a few pictures of the layouts I made throughout the day.



The first one was a “Title Challenge”. “Du har pippi på morfar” loosly translates to “you’re crazy about Grandpa”. That is particularly true of Joshua. The minute he sees Morfar he wants to sit on his shoulders. He doesn’t leave his side willingly. The feeling is mutual and it’s a real treat to watch those two.


The second one was a challenge to do a layout about “Your life in Numbers”. I chose to make a list of 1 through 10. The journaling reads: One husband, Two Children, I have lived in Three countries, I attended a Four year college, Five times a day I prep food (for my little ones), Six Swedish miles to Mormor and Morfar, that is better than the 600+ miles to Grandma and Grandpa, I have studied Seven languages, An Eight day week would be great – more time for crafts, Nine hour time difference to my other home, Ten pair of shoes are not enough.

I literally threw it together in 10 minutes just so that I could participate in the prize drawing. Apparently I do well under pressure since I won! =) Fun!!



The last one was a sketch challenge. It was a struggle, but I had a lot of fun putting it together. Our boys love, love, love to read. We have many Dr. Seuss books and they are real favorites. I found a little quote from “The cat in the hat” to add to my layout.

As I was taking photos of the pages, Caleb wanted to have a look. And to a boy of almost 4 years of age, looking means touching!

I’m sitting here smiling as I type this post. It was just so much fun! To be creative is truly a relaxing thing for me. Though I don’t do it nearly often enough I hope to get better at setting aside time for it. A big thank you to Anna, Malin and Eva for putting together such a fantastic day! And thank you to Helen at Scrapfabriken for bringing your entire store on site for us all to enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by,


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